I have been educated in design and construction but implementation and incorporation of owners needs in a project I had to learn by being a good listener and communicator.

It’s my goal to learn each and every day something new about life, work and my world.

Randal F. King
President King Contracting Inc.


Consistency and stability is the foundation that King Contracting builds for our clients. For nearly one quarter of a century we have maintained our dedication, commitment and timeliness to every client.

Holding over 20 construction licenses in multiple states we work hard to keep current with building code changes and updates. We are also members of the International Code Council and participate in code update classes regularly.

King Contracting has been practicing green techniques long before the local jurisdictions starting implementing green construction codes. Our company has a strong recycling policy to keep our landfills from overflowing. We use high output lighting for energy efficiently and better facility lumens. I have shown our clients the benefit of concrete over asphalt using life cycle charts. We encourage demolition materials being crushed and reused when possible and our use of recycled asphalt or concrete has been strong for over a decade. I am proud of our HVAC Team that has energy efficient heating and cooling packages in use by how we segregate the building, move air and program our systems to operate.

King Contracting has and will maintained superior customer service, coordination and quality workmanship.  During a recent code class the professionals leading a session on building commissioning informed the attendees how compressed schedules have helped contractors to build their bottom lines but now significant construction related problems are surfacing.  At King Contracting we feel our customers deserve the best for their project not a compressed schedule that leads to inferior workmanship for the purpose of profit. Genuine craftsmanship, dedication, and good old hard work is still alive and well in our company’s everyday actions and routine.